Womb Awakening

Your Womb holds GALAXIES of love and light and healing... the seeds of creation sit here - mostly undiscovered, covered in shame, hidden by stories of not-enoughness and doubt. 


My brain wants to TELL you all about it... how beautiful and magical and GOOD it all is.


And my heart... she wants to SHOW you.


I would love nothing more than to have some 1:1 time with you to show you your own magic and activate the seeds of personal growth and transformation you've been planting with things like reading about philosophy and practicing yoga or meditation. Until the womb space is awakened, the transformation you desire will be limited by the mind and the conditioning, shame, and fear that lock up your womb - the space where you receive and create. That's why I've created these Womb Awakening Sessions - to help you awaken the next layer of healing and bring your desires to life. 


The Womb Awakening Journey is a highly activating 4-session package of 75-minute one-on-one energy healing sessions where we will unlock your womb space and hold the tender pieces in your heart that are hurt or afraid.


Awakening the womb and holding the heart in this way helps you to FULLY access your...

  •  Creativity

  •  Vitality

  •  Radiance

  •  Self-Worth

  •  Compassion

  •  Heart-Opening Love

  •  Sacred Sensuality & Sexuality

  •  Joy & Pleasure of Turned-On Living

  •  and your ability to Truly Connect with others


A Womb Awakening is for you if you are…

  • Struggling with any of the following:

    • painful periods or highly symptomatic PMS

    • anxiety, insecurity, or self-policing behavior

    • shame & embarrassment around your body, not feeling comfortable in your skin

    • birth or breastfeeding trauma

    • postpartum depression (especially if you never got help - even if you little ones are grown now!)

    • feeling blocked or disconnected in your intimate relationships

    • a lack of desire or passion in your life and relationships


Other signs that you're ready to open your womb space...

  • You realize that the old way of doing things just isn't working anymore and you're so confused about what you should do, what you even want, and how to actually get there.

  • You're tired of pushing, striving, and working so hard at everything (your relationships, parenting, finances, work-life-social balance... literally all the things) and not getting what you need in return

  • You feel unseen, undervalued, and depleted... like you're giving everything to everyone but no one can hold you in that same way

  • You really want to be held, loved, and understood. You want someone to see the real you, the you that YOU know on the inside, the one who's good enough and knows it.

Come experience the pure goodness of your Sacred Womb, the Sweetness of your Heart, the ABUNDANCE of GRACE that you hold inside… and the SAFETY of it all.


What you Get:

  • 4 - 75 minute 1:1 Deep Energy Healing Sessions

  • 3 months of unlimited support between sessions as you integrate your healing into the practical parts of daily life

Your Investment: $525

Set up a free Connection Call with the link below and we will chat more about this journey to see if it is a good fit and I can answer any of your questions.