Wise Woman


Oof! This practice brought me through a teary breakthrough just EDITING IT!! This one is created to crack you wide open and expose the truth (and safety, goodness & sweetness) of your bone-deep, belly-burning desires. Our minds have a lot of ideas about what we want (what we think we want and what we think about what we want...) but the purest, most authentic desires rest deep in the body. I'll take you on an adventure into yourself to rediscover and reclaim those real desires... as you wrap up your Wise Woman journey. 

I recommend that you do this practice once this week. Keep it in your toolbox moving forward and return to it often.

Reclaiming DesireWise Woman
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REFLECTION: What did you learn about your desires? What were your judgments, fears or beliefs about desire going into this practice? Can you see now how some of those beliefs have been limiting your experience of life? What might be possible now after doing this work?