Wise Woman


Ahh this week is sweet! It's time to drop in and call in your people! ANY people... community, sisterhood, mentors, friends, lovers, partners, clients etc... seriously, anyone. 

Stop fixing yourself and start enjoying life with the connection and support you both NEED and DESIRE.

Wanting new or more people in your life is NOT selfish. You aren't a bad friend or person because you want more friends or to have a bigger variety of people in your life. This is good and normal. Now, let's do it!

I recommend that you do this practice at least once this week and return to it as often as you'd like.

Manifesting CommunityWise Woman
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REFLECTION: What were your thoughts on community, sisterhood or partnership before this meditation vs after? Were you surprised by any part of your experience? How important is community to you? Are you allowing yourself time and space to connect with others in a nourishing, satisfying way?