Wise Woman


There's always sooo much more going on under the surface of our struggles, chaos or pain. When we are triggered by life and people, an entire invisible network of processing, planning and protecting is kicked into gear.


This practice is designed to help you drop beneath the surface experience of life and disengage from that autopilot reaction in a conscious, intentional way... so that with time, you can start to shift into "what's underneath this?" mode as life happens, without this meditation. You are cultivating new neural pathways and giving yourself more response options to choose from in your day-to-day life.


So, know that there is no "right" experience of this meditation. Sometimes you'll walk away from it with new insight and other times, you'll just be breathing and feeling with no real info coming up. It's all good. it's all welcome. The whole point is to practice new ways of being - in your body and in the world. So, keep it up! Just keep breathing and practicing.  

I recommend that you do this practice 3 times over the next week and keep it in your tool box moving forward.

Masculine & Feminine IntegrationWise Woman
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REFLECTION: How different might your life feel if this became part of your daily life? If you became someone who regularly dropped in to check and see what's going on underneath the surface chaos?