Wise Woman


Retrieve your inner wise mother by dropping in with your inner child. Nothing calls on your fierce, loving, and compassionate inner mama bear quite like witnessing your own fear, pain or struggle in its truest, purest form: you as a child, not you as a "messing it all up" adult. Let this meditation bring your mother home to you.

I recommend that you do this practice at least once over the next week and return to it anytime you need to be held and loved on or feel like you need something that you can't have.

Inner Child MeditationWise Woman
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REFLECTION: What has life been like for you inner child without that loving support of the inner mother? Do you see any similarities between the way you've "mothered" yourself until now ...and the way your own mother mothered you? Does this give you any new perspective around that relationship or compassion for your mother's own autopilot parenting because of her lack of access to this kind of work?