Wild Woman


Unblock Your Confidence, Ease Your Anxiety
and Start Truly LOVING Yourself
I know that probably sounds like a tall order because lately...

You've been doing a good job of hiding that you're stressed, insecure, and anxious but the pressure to be perfect is building and it’s keeping you from truly enjoying your good life. 


From the outside, all is well in your world... so you carry a lot of guilt and shame about not being happier. You feel like you should just be more grateful for what you have.


But on the inside, all is not so well...  you're fighting an invisible battle that few people even know about. 


You feel pulled in too many directions & like it’s impossible but important to make everyone around you happy. And since this is impossible, you feel like you're always failing in some way. 


And while your relationships are improving (you've seen a LOT of progress and you definitely value your partnership!), things are still not where you want them to be.


There isn't a ton of conflict in your relationships, partly because of the things you've been working on and partly because you're an excellent people pleaser who knows how to avoid conflict ;) 


I would bet though that if you were asking for what you want, saying no, and speaking up more often... there would definitely be some conflict - either between you and your husband, your in-laws, your own parents, or that difficult friend. Am I right? 


But you truly value peace & kindness... and you know how to feel out the vibe then shape-shift into whatever the situation requires, so why not?


You really love your family (a LOT!) and you're happy to pour all of your energy into your kids, partner, and home but... at the end of the day, there’s no one pouring into you. And that feels kind of lonely and sad.


So, you binge on food, wine, Netflix, drama, gossip, unhealthy friendships, chronic chaos or busy-ness... but then you feel guilty, weird and bad about yourself after - which sends you down into a sort of shame spiral.


Usually this shame spiral is followed by a plan to fix yourself and a brief high as you get started! Then you inevitably lose interest, your motivation wanes, or you burn out in your frenzy... and that’s followed by another crash - thus starting the cycle over again. 

Phew. It's a lot, isn't it?


And you're really trying to stay positive, be grateful and keep it all together.


But you actually kinda hate your body - and yourself - and your "bad" behaviors. You're judging yourself HARD for the times you lash out at your partner and snap at your kids. Your imperfections are screaming at you most days... but people would honestly be surprised to know all of this about you! 


You're doing a good job of putting on a brave face, but keeping up the external appearance of superficial okay-ness is starting to take its toll.


So much of your energy, focus & attention go to critiquing, shaming or fixing yourself in one way or another.


Probably because you grew up in a high-pressure environment (home or school), feeling like you must "perform & perfect" to earn approval, love, and belonging.


So, external validation has sort of become everything to you.

You're tired and craving more.

You know there must be another way... But what?

You see that your inner critic is keeping you from experiencing satisfying, healthy relationships (with yourself, your body, friends, family & partner) and you're trying hard to stay positive.


You're doing the work...

* listening to podcasts

* reading self-development

* exploring mindset work

* following inspiring people on Instagram

* you've found my free content, workshops & meditations super helpful

* maybe you're even in counseling!

... but you just can’t shake the relentless self-doubt and intrusive negative thoughts that pop up as you start to move forward. 


You want to be less vicious with your reflection in the mirror and stop nitpicking yourself, your partner and kids. You want so badly to be able to just relax and be a “normal” human woman enjoying your life and your people.


But, HOW?!


You know self-love is the ultimate solution.


You like the idea of loving yourself and being kind & compassionate with your humanness. But when it comes to putting self-love into practice, you don't even know where to start. When you do the self-care thing, you're proud of the sweet care you're taking of herself, but it doesn’t really feel like LOVE. 


You're feeling so frustrated because your attempts at being positive and loving just don’t ever seem to stick. You do well for a few days, hours, weeks… and then everything just comes spilling out once your capacity is exceeded. Eventually, the tiniest trigger sends you overboard and you lash out at your partner or snap at the kids or collapse into your tears and Oreos...


*Cue the shame cycle. Right?

"Obviously I'm the problem... Someone please just tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it!"

- your inner dialogue






  • The big picture issue that's fueling ALL of this... is really just your inner child. She's driving. And it's okay that she's been driving this adult life around (running over mailboxes & crashing around corners as she goes) because you just haven't been taught any other way! This is all you know - and it's all MOST people know! But mama, there is a wise Inner Mother just waaaaiting for you to tag her in to take the wheel for that little one. 

  • Books, podcasts, yoga, & Instagram inspo just aren't enough. Learning about mindset work and updating the things you "know" is a great & necessary first step. But, it's... not... enough. You MUST take it deeper into your own energy system and body. 

  • You're probably surrounded by people who also don't know the new way... and they're likely, with the best of intentions, enabling your destructive behaviors or harmful habits instead of telling you the hard truth: your reactivity/stressed behavior is hurting you and your people. It's not another thing to be ashamed of, but there is a level of self-responsibility that you need to own. If you're lashing out often, some part of you is in a lot of pain - and she NEEDS you to take your work to the next level. She needs you to take ownership and heal. Now. 

  • Your "Good Girl Conditioning" has you valuing niceness over authenticity and you probably don't even realize that it’s actually UNKIND to be inauthentic with people - because you were taught at a young age that being polite is kind. But really... being honest is kind. ​(In other words... Pretty much everything you were taught about love & healthy relationships is actually wrong. I know - yikes.)

  • A byproduct of being taught to be nice instead of real... you don't know the power of your PRESENCE. You think the best thing about you is your like-ability... when really, the best thing about you is YOU. Just being here. As yourself. So you put productivity and doingness higher on your priority list than beingness. 

  • And last but not least... you don't understand your purpose as a mother. You were taught a mother's purpose is to love and serve her people selflessly. But really... your purpose as a mother is to create a new reality for you family as a visionary & believer.. not as a servant! 

Okay I'm in. I'm ready to heal this... like yesterday!


Hey there! I'm Lauren Sabatier.

Mediation teacher, healer, relationship coach + single mama to one wild, creative Fortnite master (aka my 6yo son). 

I grew up in South Louisiana and being a mom & wife was the dream. I couldn’t wait to devote myself to a family... to finally have a place to pour all this LOVE I knew I had to give! I was so READY to love my people in the way I wanted to be loved growing up... to offer others what I never got.

I grew up with a critical mother & emotionally absent father in a chaotic divorce. i had a big family so there was lots going on all the time and kids weren’t really there to be heard or experienced. They were expected to just be polite & well-behaved. That was just the paradigm then. 

In school, I got straight A’s and followed the rules. No one had any issues with me (except maybe my mom lol) and everything seemed fine from the outside


But inside... my needs for love, safety, connection, belonging, etc weren't being met. No one really knew it though because I was so good at following the rules, playing along, pleasing others, being what people needed, etc.


So all I wanted was to grow up and meet those needs for my own husband and child.

But motherhood looked nothing like I imagined!

Moments of it felt beautiful, but mostly... it felt exhausting.

Most days, in the background I was overwhelmed, resentful, & depleted. But, again, no one knew because I was good at playing the loving, self-sacrificing good wife. 

The baby never slept, my husband had anxiety/depression and I felt like even when he was here he wasn’t really here with me. There was a whole world between us and nothing worked to bridge that gap: more sex, losing the baby weight, being nicer (which usually just ended in me lashing out later about the stuff I didn’t speak up about), cooking more of the foods he likes, going on vacations, etc. 

I was at a total loss. 

Where did I go wrong?

Literally all I wanted was to be good at this mother/wife thing... and I couldn’t figure it out.

And then one day, I said "Enough." And I got the support I needed. 

I went to counseling (she ended up also being an energy healer!) I eventually became a healer, too & started a journey of self-healing. 

It was too late for my marriage to be saved though. My husband left and I used that as an opportunity to heal more - for all of us. 


We knew high-conflict marriage and high-conflict divorce were both bad situations for our son. So, we did everything with the intention of creating a safe environment for him.


I devoted myself to healing my own heart, my side of things, because it was the only thing I had any control over.

In my healing, I…

  • Got to know & truly fall in love with myself

  • Learned about what I need, want, like, don’t like, etc and started communicating it

  • Started looking inside for answers and guidance instead of to everyone else

  • Discovered that I could really TRUST myself and my “crazy” ideas/longings/needs 

  • Got proof after proof that my wholeness was good for everyone

  • Forgave my ex, learned to love him even more fully in divorce, & eventually healed from betrayal

  • Learned how to manage my anxiety and stress

  • Healed old wounds so I could be less reactive and cultivated serious emotional maturity in the process

  • Learned how to speak up for myself & have difficult but productive conversations instead of bottling things up then blowing up or lashing out later OR projecting my insecurities onto others

  • Became everything I ever needed but didn’t get from my parents/community as a child.

  • I gave myself everything I wanted to give my husband/child… and have become a steady source of true love for them in the process, as a byproduct of loving myself so fully! 


And now, I get to guide other women through this same process - but in a FRACTION of the time it took me! 

What if being loving with yourself and others… isn’t really even about being positive and nice at all costs? 


True love doesn’t keep the external peace at the expense of internal peace. 


True love doesn’t turn away from the mess. 


True love doesn’t require perfection. 


True love is simply unshakable presence. 


It’s a kind of honest, compassionate openness that is developed through patient, curious exploration of yourself. 


It’s the natural result of getting to know yourself in a real way - courageously looking at your wounds, conditioned behaviors, and shadow… as well as your gifts, dreams and light. 


It’s the fullness you’re seeking. It’s the bucketloads of love and attention you’ve been craving. It’s the water that will fill your well of endless “neediness”. 


And you have the power to be all of that and more -- for yourself. 


That’s exactly why I created this experience for you: to take you through this exact transformation.

The Wise Woman Self-Healing Experience

This is a potent exploration of your inner world to...

  • Learn to manage your emotions, stress & anxiety with more grace and compassion... becoming a source of embodied love in your home.

  • Start to free yourself from destructive behaviors and thought patterns… cultivating healthier, more mature habits. 

  • Develop trust in your own inner wisdom... empowering you to create the full life you envision for yourself and your family. 

  • Get to know, love and accept your true self... softening your inner critic and healing your heart. 


Less Anxiety & Stress

Authentic, Embodied Confidence

Deeper Connection in Your Relationships

Access to an Internal Reservoir of Everything you Need

True Happiness, Peace & Vibrancy that ripple out into all areas of your life (parenting, relationships, creative projects, finances, social life, etc)



I went from being stressed and frazzled managing all the moving parts of my life (mom, wife, business owner, skilled over-giver) to really knowing and understanding myself… to loving my daughter even more (can you imagine loving your children MORE?)... to being more attracted to my partner... and operating my growing, thriving business with unshakable confidence & integrity. But mostly I went from being chronically busy, over-functioning and disconnected in my life to really, truly ENJOYING it and seeing the ripples of my work touch all parts of my life, improving things all across the board.


I was struggling with depression and chronic anxiety (I didn’t even really know it was anxiety until I found relief from it and could see it more clearly in hindsight!) I also struggled with crippling self-doubt: making even the simplest decisions left me feeling completely mentally overwhelmed. After working with Lauren, I could see my anxiety (& its triggers) clearly and became skilled in working with those triggers so I could make decisions with confidence (without the mental hurricane of self-doubt and uncertainty). Now that anxiety isn’t running the show, everything feels possible, especially living my life my way.


I came to Lauren feeling like my actual life wasn’t aligned with the life I truly desired. I was unhappy in my circumstances but didn’t have the support I needed to make the necessary changes. In working with Lauren, I learned how to hold space for myself and look within for answers and freed myself from others’ expectations & the influences of childhood conditioning to start living the authentic, unapologetic, sensual, ‘whole’ life that I was craving.


  • A 4-Week Container for Deep Transformation​​​​

This month-long experience is designed to take you on a full healing journey that is much bigger than the sum of its parts. It is infused with so much magic and sweetness - just for you! In fact, most of my clients start experiencing little miracles, signs and synchronicity the moment they sign up to work with me. That's the power of a container like this! 

  • A Daily Transformation Practice

This new morning routine will lay the foundation for not just your healing but a new way of living your day-to-day life, starting every single day connected to your wisdom with your inner radiance turned on!

  • Weekly Energy Healing Practices

The weekly healing meditations will take you on a deep-dive exploration of your inner world to heal old wounds, rediscover lost parts of yourself and reclaim your joy, peace and confidence. There is truly no limit to what you can experience when you do this work!​​




Become a skilled feeler and befriend your body


Tend to your inner child and find comfort in wisdom


Create a loving relationship within yourself and call in your community


Reclaim your desires and allow them to guide you forward





Definitely not! Most of the women who are drawn to my work tend to be married women with children, but I also work with single women who are looking to become more solid in themselves before partnering or having children. Children or no children, all of us are mothering (creating) something in this world, in some way. If that’s you, I’m here for it! 



You will need about 30 minutes every morning for your daily transformation practice. (I recommend setting your alarm a half hour earlier than usual and just doing it in bed!) and 30 minutes to an hour each week for your guided energy healing meditations. Totally doable for even the busiest of us! Go look up how much time you spend on Instagram if you don’t believe me that you’ve got the time for this! ;) 


You can get started right away! As soon as you enroll, you will receive a welcome e-mail with everything you need to know to dive in and begin your self-healing experience.


I hear you. This happens and I've got a few things to name for you here.

Sometimes life requires a different pace of healing than we wish or think it should be. Sometimes you just need to take a month-long sidetrack into your resistance before you find you way back to the work at the exact perfect time. Clients who have gotten "off track" and then found their way back are usually blown away by how divine the timing of it all ended up being! And how necessary their "sidetrack" really was for their healing.

Everything you need to radically transform your emotional world is here in the container and the energy field that's holding it. The wildest possibililties are here, waiting for you to claim them as yours! The beautiful thing about a self-healing journey is that the power to transform is all yours. You get out of this journey what you decide you can get out of it... and by showing up for your own results. So, don't think small when you set your intentions. Think about the life that would be worth showing up for every damn day for a month... and claim it for yourself.

Another key factor - your investment. When you are heavily invested financially, you show up different. Period. You can sign up for this exact course for $50. Imagine your incentive to show up for the work when it gets really hard and your resistance is loud. Imagine how deep you'll allow the work to take you when you reach a vulnerable point. Now imagine investing the full $788. How do you show up then? You're gonna show the heck up and get the results you paid for right?? 

And lastly, self-guided programs aren't for everyone. If that's you, then honor that. Let's explore ways to work together in a live program or 1-on-1 capcaity so that you can get the accountability and hands-on support that you know you thrive with! You can book a free call here.



Begin your Wild Woman Self-Healing Experience TODAY to Unblock Your Confidence, Relieve Your Anxiety, and Start Truly Loving Yourself!