Love Letters

"Working with Lauren has opened me, in the best ways.  Ways I would have never expected or imagined.  Lauren holds a beautiful, loving, and strong space for you to come home to yourself, to open your heart, and to reconnect to your creation center, your womb. Just being in her energy, will heal you!"

- Lynsey Landry

"Lauren is an amazing intuitive, who is fun to work with, is accurate in what she sees and feels in relation to you/me. She helps pinpoint things in yourself you didn't know were there."

- Jennifer Amendariz

"I can't recommend working with Lauren enough! She is truly amazing. During my pregnancy, she helped me work through my fears/worries/doubts/etc., and I can say it is because of her that I was able to enjoy a peaceful, anxiety-free pregnancy. She even worked with me during labor, and because of her (and the amazing support of my husband) I was able to stay calm and relaxed during my very long labor and eventually have the natural birth I had hoped for. If you're in need of emotional support or are in physical pain (she worked wonders for my sciatica while pregnant), give energy healing a try. It's life-changing."

- Danielle Habetz


"I felt so connected to Lauren - as if we had known each other for years. The videos she did for my card reading were excellent and definitely "on point"! Her meditations are also very effective."

- Angelle Patin

"I absolutely LOVE Lauren and her loving & peaceful energy! I have worked with Lauren on several occasions. Her readings are so accurate, extremely detailed and helpful. And her energy clearings are extremely helpful too! I could really feel the difference in 'me' after her energy clearings. I highly recommend Lauren for all of her services, it's like you are talking to your best friend."

- Wanda Gibbons Shanks

"Lauren is a very intuitive and deep minded person. She can pin point a feeling that you've been trying to identify for years in a matter of seconds. Working with Lauren through my pregnancy has not only made my pregnancy so much easier, but had made me grow as an individual. I've moved passed many obstacles that have been an issue for me since childhood with Lauren's help. I know for a fact that because of Lauren's help I will be a better mother for my son. I feel as if Lauren understands me on a level different than anyone else through her work. I would recommend Lauren to anyone!!"

- Taylor Venable

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