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Hi beauty! If you're like most of the women who work with me, what you really want at the end of the day... like your heart's deepest, truest desire... is just to be more present & playful with your people... supporting them in living their happiest, healthiest, most vibrant lives!

In my world, the HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF MOTHERHOOD looks and feels like...

Being able to relax and fully enjoy family time.

Rather than working my ass off to plan, organize & excute the vacation, project, meal, etc. and then being so worn out & (let's be honest) resentful that I can't even enjoy the thing I worked so hard on for them. 

Staying present & non-reactive through my people's emotional ups & downs.

Not getting rocked too far from center by them, rather being able to hold down the fort for them as they feel, process & express themselves.

Having access to creative problem-solving 

When life throws my family curveballs, I handle them with a bit of humor, curiosity & creativity so I can roll with the punches instead of getting clobbered by them. 

Holding life's uncertainties with a sense of gentle optimism

Having a gentle expectation & trust that things will generally work out for me and my family without a ton of over-efforting or control on my end. Trusting that my strength & resilience will be there when I need them... knowing that I can face whatever comes our way if things "don't" work out.

Giving myself the same grace & compassion I give others. 

When I "fail" to show up perfectly, I let myself off the hook. I give myself the same understanding & encouragement I would give a dear friend or small child when they mess up. Self-abuse is no longer a form of "motivation" to be better or more perfect mom. I see it for what it is - abuse - and don't do it to myself. 

Living life on my own terms, light-heartedly.

I don't need everyone to agree with me to feel good about my decisions and I don't need to control the way others are living to feel safe around them. I have the self-worth & inner discernment necessary to set healthy boundaries for myself & my family - and I make the rules that govern my life, no one else. Rooted in the truth of who I am & what I believe, I am free of the urge to control or please others... and I naturally feel more whole, happy & free.

Encouraging my child's most authentic self.

Never telling him who to be or how to be, rather getting curious about who he is and how I can support him in being that. Nurturing his natural skills and fostering his curiosities & interests as he grows & evolves. Treating him as a wise and whole person while holding healthy boundaries when/where he needs them with firm loving presence.

Modelling emotional self-responsibility and care.

Not making my mood any one else's responsibility, naming what I'm feeling, letting my little one know what's going on in appropriate terms, and asking directly for what I need in order to care for myself as I go through the experience.

I know... it sounds like A LOT of shit to work on!

Maybe it feels like another to-get-perfect list for your inner judge to use against you.

But here's the thing... there's only "one thing to work on"... your own inner world!

When a mother heals, her whole family heals.

And her experience of motherhood radically transforms ON ITS OWN. 

You'll learn all about it in the Playful Parenting Workshop Series!

Over the course of three days, we'll explore what it means to live with DEEP ROOTS & A LIGHT HEART.


DAY 1: Love & Safety

How to stop judging yourself so harshly & start loving yourself more right away.

DAY 2: Power in Parenting

How to disengage from the power struggle & plant your own deep roots.

DAY 3: The Peace Body

How to hold peace and stability in your body as you live your daily life.  


Join me for this 3-day workshop series if you are ready to radically transform your experience of motherhood & the way you do life.

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Hey beauty,

I'm Lauren Sabatier of Balanced Roots.

I'm a self-love + anxiety coach, a meditation junkie, a former yoga teacher, and a mama. 

I use a combination of energy healing, somatic (aka body-based) meditation, & traditional coaching to help stressed, anxious, tired mamas live genuinely ease-ier, happier lives!

Basically, I've got a bucket full of tools and I'm ready to see you THRIVE!

My journey with postpartum depression + anxiety (in addition to a failing marriage & a lifelong eating disorder) is what led me to meditation, energy healing & coaching work. Healing my own inner wounding, blockages & reactivity has radically transformed the way I do all parts of my life - especially parenting!

Join me for the FREE Playful Parenting Workshop Series

Monday March 22nd - Wednesday March 24th

1-2pm CST in The Awakened Family via Livestream

Attend all 3 workshops totally free in my private Facebook group: The Awakened Family
The replay of the livestreamed workshops will be available in the group, so you can always catch the replay but there is something special about receiving the transmission live alongside other women who are craving the same kind of playfulness & ease as you!
Come live if you can.
The replay of the livestreamed workshops will be available in the facebook group so you can always catch the replay but there is something special about receiving the transmission live alongside other women who are craving the same kind of freedom & happiness as you!
The more the merrier (& more effective).
The more people in your circle who are doing this kind of work alongside you, the more likely you are to create sustainable shifts and experience deeper healing. So be sure to invite your people (or person!) to join you. 
How to Attend:
Simple! Just come join The Awakened Family and catch the series live or on your own time next week. Be sure to put it in your calendar now - either the live event or the time you'll watch the replays.
See you there, mama!