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A practical way to love your body and life!

Hi beauty! Come learn my favorite go-to embodiment practice for living a genuinely ease-ier, happier life!

To me, a woman is most alive, happy and free when she...​

Knows ease, joy and love are her natural state. 

Has enough inner safety to walk light-heartedly through her days - more relaxed, open & available for real connection with her chosen people. 

Trusts life and is able to shamelessly receive love, support, attention & affection.

Remembers how deeply worthy & unconditionally lovable she is, no matter what.

Has embraced her emotions & communicates with emotional maturity & fluidity.

Understands her creative power and uses it intentionally to create her dream life - for herself AND her people!

Lives life on HER terms and isn't afraid to go after her big or unconventional desires! 

And if I had to choose just ONE practice to help you get there... it would be Breast Massage!


Because it hits all the things on my transformation checklist!

Nervous System Support 
Emotional & Energetic Healing
Sensual Pleasure Activation

If the modality doesn't address ALL THREE of these key areas, miss me with it...
To have a SINGLE PRACTICE that covers all three... is super simple... and feels great?? I mean... sign me up!! 
More specifically, Breast Massage...

Fosters Natural Confidence & Body Love
No more fake-it-till-you-make-it body love... when you hold your breasts regularly, you naturally walk a bit taller, smile a little easier & see yourself through softer eyes. 

Soothes Anxiety & Fortifies the Nervous System
Stop adding anxiety to your anxiety with endless mindset work and start massaging your heart space. This not only soothes anxiousness in the moment, but builds a more adaptive, resilient nervous system over the long-term (which means YOU become more adaptive & resilient, too!) 
Restores Love & Peace in the Heart
Love is always available underneath the chaos of your external world. To me, love feels like ease, peace & general well-being... and it's your natural state. Start accessing that well of peace intentionally now and it will become more & more accessible in your day-to-day life, too.
Heals Emotional Wounds & Clears Relational Energy
You can't think your way through a heartbreak or the residue that gets left behind by conflict, neglect, betrayal, abandonment, etc. It doesn't matter how far "in the past" your wounds may be - your heart likely holds "relational residue" from it and breast massage is a great practice for gently clearing it.

Naturally Expands your Pleasure Capacity
The bigger your capacity for pleasure, the more likely things are to go well. If you can't tolerate things being good (don't trust easily or habitually prepare for the worst), then it will feel really hard to create or sustain goodness in your life. Expand your capacity to hold pleasure in your body to effortlessly hold more pleasure in your life!

Has Practical Benefits, too... like Perkier, Fuller Breasts!
A sweet little bonus to all the emotional & lifestyle benefits of breast massage is not just happier breasts, but happier-LOOKING breasts, too!

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Hey beauty,

I'm Lauren Sabatier of Balanced Roots.

I'm a self-love + anxiety coach, a meditation junkie, a former yoga teacher, and a mama. 

I use a combination of energy healing, somatic (aka body-based) meditation, & traditional coaching to help stressed, anxious, tired mamas live genuinely ease-ier, happier lives!

Basically, I've got a bucket full of tools and I'm ready to see you THRIVE!

Breast Massage was one of the first practices I learned on my journey home to my body's natural state of love, peace & pleasure... and it radically ROCKED MY WORLD. In the sweetest, most gentle way ever. (Kind of hard to imagine that right? We tend to think of grueling hard work when we think of epic transformation like that. But nope... breast massage is SWEET :) And easy. 

I'm really excited to share it with you!


Especially if you are...

  • easily knocked off balance emotionally or by other people's moods & behavior

  • trying hard to be a good, positive caregiver but feel exhausted & burnt out (and maybe a little embarrassed about how that translates into losing your cool more often than you'd like) 

  • feel disgust, shame or pressure to fix yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror, especially naked. 

  • don't feel turned on by life (and maybe the idea that that could even be a thing is a foreign concept to you!) 

  • have tried a lot of different things on your self-love journey and are honestly kinda sick of trying so hard to love yourself without lasting results (you're thinking maybe you really are the problem after all...)

Light Body

Breast Massage Masterclass

This is an interactive 2-hour masterclass that's part educational workshop, part hands-on embodiment practice. You will leave this masterclass feeling lit up, activated and more fully alive. And that will be something you can take with you into every area of your life: parenting, finances, your relationships, family life, creative projects, work, etc! The sky is the limit on what parts of your life can be healed by your own loving touch!