a walk with the feminine

I see you... at the end of the day, feeling so exhausted wondering if this life will ever feel like the one you image. You know the one, that's full of life and love and laughter... joy, passion, & deep connection. The one where you have romantic date nights, belly laugh with your girlfriends, and smile with wonder alongside your children at the park. But, this imagined life is starting to feel more like a tampon commercial than a real possibility. 

You're trying so hard in your relationships - to bridge the gap and create more intimacy & better communication. Sometimes, you wish he'd just meet you halfway... to be surprised with flowers or a sweet note... to be held and seen and loved the way you love everyone else. 

After a long day of juggling all the things - working, managing the household, wrangling kids, laundry, school... doing the work to reconnect with your partner feels like just that - work!


Self-care feels next to impossible. Forget about finding the time to meditate or soak in the tub or make love. You just want to sleep or hide or maybe lock yourself in the closet with a bottle of wine... imagining all the ways your life would fall apart without your attention - without you walking this tightrope of holding all the pieces together. 


Taking your hands off all the things feels totally impossible, and yet - that's the dream! To have time for yourself, to do things you enjoy, to laugh and play. Oh, what that life would feel like...   

Deep down, you know this life is possible. You know you're meant for MORE. More passion. More play. More love. More connection. More confidence. More ease. More flow. More GRACE and MAGIC and MIRACLES. 


You know this isn't some fantasy dreamed up by Tampax - it's your SOUL calling you to your BIGGER LIFE. The one you were MADE FOR. 

I want to help you step into that bigger life.

Are you ready?

Let's take a walk with the Feminine...

Hi! I’m Lauren Venable, owner of Balanced Roots

energy healer, meditation lover, self care junkie, & mama

I remember what it was like to feel like my dreams were some unattainable fantasy, reserved for "better" women - women who had their shit together, who were just naturally more peaceful and kind and inspired than I was. They must've been born "right" and I got stuck with this laundry list of flaws & shameful habits and I should just learn to appreciate my "just okay" life.... work harder to get the swirling thoughts, stories, & judgments to cooperate so that I could do the things I needed to do. 

"I should be more grateful. I should learn to love myself. I should be more patient with my people. I should be sexier for my partner. I should eat healthier and exercise."

Like you, I knew what I *should* be doing to be happier... but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure out HOW THE HELL to actually do ALL of it - or ANY of it, really! 

I was ending most of my days feeling like a total failure... exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering if I would ever see that liveliness in my face I KNEW was possible. 

I had been on a Spiritual path for several years and still things just weren't fully clicking. I had done deep heart healing and expanded my capacity for love and wholeness, but there was a piece missing and I couldn't place my finger on it... I had no idea what it was, but I could feel it calling me. 


That piece turned out the be... The Sacred Feminine.

Meet her changed everything. It has brought so much depth, presence, joy, passion, pleasure, & playfulness into my life. Long story, short... I feel FULLY ALIVE again. 





  • Are more trusting of yourself, Spirit, & the process.

  • Can surrender and let go - of the endless thoughts & stories; physical & emotional stress; relationships, habits, & energetic patterns that aren’t serving you. (and when you finally let go of holding it all together & processing everyone else’s stuff -- you may be amazed at how they start stepping it up and doing their part!)

  • Become more available for deep connection (with yourself, others & Spirit/God/Source/Universe).  

  • Feel at home in your own skin, more confident in yourself, and experience more body love.

  • Cultivate the courage to show up more authentically in your life (relieving the strain & stress of constantly editing yourself… hello, sweet freedom!!)

  • Can overcome the stigma and negative social conditioning surrounding your femininity, sensuality, & sexuality - you get to redefine what it means to be a woman on your own terms. (No more hiding your passion, making your sensitivity and emotions wrong, or shaming yourself for your desires.)

  • Learn to navigate BIG emotions!  You realize your big emotions aren’t a shameful “crazy”  flaw for you to fix/hide/edit, and instead become the fuel for your creativity, joy, & passion (because you learn to harness their energy instead of being tossed around by it)

  • Reclaim your passion, pleasure, & sense of play in your life - hello, RADIANCE!! 


What You Get:


  • 6 Months of Deep 1:1 Support

  • 16  75-min Energy Healing sessions

  • 4 Energy Clearings

  • Unlimited Messenger Support


PLUS Exclusive Deep Dive Client Benefits:

  • 1 Personal Bach Flower Remedy Chosen Specially for You

  • An Energy Activating 5-part Guided Meditation Series

  • 50% Discount on Balanced Roots Products

  • 1 Special Surprise Gift to Support your Unique Journey



... Desire deeper conversations and more passion, play & romance in your relationship.

... Feel disconnected from & judgmental of your body, struggle with your weight, chronic illness, or body pain.

... Know you are meant for more but just don't know how to create the life you see for yourself.

... Feel like something is missing on your Spiritual journey. You can't name it, but you feel it calling you.


or 6 Payments of $450

If you feel called to explore this journey, shoot me an email at and we will set up a call to chat and feel out if we're a good fit + answer any of your questions.