Nourish is a 3 month long whole-family healing journey, with a special focus on mom as the energetic and emotional center of the family (and the overwhelm that comes with it.)

Whatever your family is going through... whether you're adjusting to a growing family, grieving a loss, going through a big change like divorce, or simply struggling to connect with each other in the way you desire... I've got you, mama.

It can be so hard to be the one wanting everyone to be happy, trying so hard to create a peaceful home where everyone is healthy and well-loved​. It's a lot of pressure we put on ourselves as mothers, right? And most of us are still putting in mental, physical and emotional over-time despite being totally burnt out and drained of all life-force.

Is this you? Do you feel the weight of holding a family? But maybe you don't feel like you're allowed to call it "weight" because it comes with so much love and joy, too? 

That's okay. Good things can feel heavy. Motherhood can be both brutal and beautiful. As Glennon Doyle would say, it's "brutiful" being so big-hearted.

When I talk about the overwhelm of motherhood, I'm not just referring to the endless pile of laundry, dishes, and worries that follows you around. I'm talking about the unimaginable amount of love that you have for your people. Does it punch you in the gut sometimes, too? How much you love the humans that are yours... all the good things you want for them... all the pain you want to take away... and the struggles you want to fix for them.

Phew. It's a lot, right?

But here's the thing - your family doesn't need you to fix them or make their lives happier or better in some way. They don't need you to get it all right, all the time. They don't need you to be perfect. They just need YOU. 

You, as you are, in your wholeness (because the's what exists already, under all the stress & strain of trying to be perfect... your natural wholeness).

You, living life on your terms, creating a home that feels right for you and your people.

You, present and open and available for connection. 

You, alive and passionate and inspired.

You, confident and kind to yourself.

You, being you.

And the best part... this isn't 6 new things on your to-do list. It's not 6 ways to fix or improve yourself. It's not some template of perfection that you have to turn yourself into.

This is the version of you that will naturally unfold on this journey... as you cultivate a relationship with yourself and learn more about love, emotions and energy.

In our time together, you will learn new tools and embody new practices that will expand your experience of motherhood and family in ways that are practical, sustainable and meaningful.

I look forward to witnessing your evolution as a powerful and loving spaceholder, and I can't wait for you to see in yourself what I already see in you.

Why Nourish?



The way I hold space for healing is quite different from traditional "coaching" in the sense that the path is laid out by your Soul and completely tailored to your specific needs, struggles and desires.


While coaches will often take their clients through a predetermined process that fits the template they were given in training ... I find that just doesn't work for most people. So, as a healer, I do things more intuitively. I won't create a path for you in advance and then teach you how to do that thing "well" because, let's be real - you're already pretty good at shape-shifting and people-pleasing and becoming what other people think you should be, right? So, let's not do more of that here, okay? That's not at all what I want for you! I want you to walk away from this work feeling like your ease-iest, most authentic, naturally worthy and perfect Self. And that's going to look different for everyone.


Some of you will need more peace and stillness. Others will need space to rage or grieve. Some of you might need to really focus on shifting limiting beliefs while your neighbor may need permission to take a break from chasing her thoughts and just rest. Some of you will need to draw up strength, courage and resiliency while others have been doing that for years and need to soften, open and release. 

There is no one right way to do it. No universal next perfect step. That's what I love about my work... that it is flexible and adaptable to YOU and everything about you and your life and your people. My natural skill is for truly seeing people... who they are under everything they're carrying and what next step might help them to become a little more free, a little more available, a little more loved. 


My passion is seeing the real you and where you're blocked and then holding the space for you to feel, heal and unravel naturally... so that you can be fully yourself and find a way forward that works for you and your unique system long-term. 

Hey there! I'm Lauren Venable. I'm a mother, meditation teacher and healer with a degree in Psychology from LSU, but let me tell you a little bit about why I do this work.


Becoming a healer was never my intention when I started my own healing journey with postpartum anxiety & depression, but the tools I learned along the way have made my life so much richer, ease-ier and more purposeful... that I couldn't imagine not sharing them with other moms and families. That's why I started working with mothers in 2016 and created this whole Balanced Roots project. 

Meditation and energy work have made me a better, more confident mother. More often than not, I'm patient, present, and available for real connection with my wild boy - and I have an unshakable compassion for my humanness when I don't show up "perfectly". This is a world of difference from my early experience of motherhood, which was filled with stress, anxiety, self-doubt and the invisible but painful pressure to be doing it all perfectly. ​I'm a more loving, peaceful, and forgiving ex-wife & co-parent with these tools at my disposal, too. 

I am now deeply devoted to mothering mothers and supporting families after seeing the way my personal healing has rippled out into my whole life, touching everyone around me. The tools and techniques I will be sharing with you are the same ones that have nourished me and my whole family through our toughest times yet -- postpartum anxiety/depression, divorce, and care-taking an aging parent with my siblings on top of single motherhood + building and growing my healing business. It's been a lot; and I've learned a lot along the way. I look forward to sharing it all with you! 

What kind of healing do you dream of for yourself and your family?

What if you're dreaming of it... because it's truly possible?

With my support, you will learn how to...

  • become more intimate with yourself, cultivating real self-love & compassion, which will open the door for more intimacy and connection in your close relationships as well.

  • manage your emotions and cultivate an overall feeling of well-being even when life feels difficult, chaotic or overwhelming. 

  • live more authentically, discovering what you like, what matters to you, what you're good at, and what kind of things/relationships support who you really are... so that your true self can bloom

  • take care of yourself in a way that helps you to manage your responsibilities with less strain and more energy & ease

  • effectively communicate your needs, fears, hurts & desires with your partner in a way that is honest, kind and compassionate

  • become a more confident parent as you learn to re-parent your own inner child and also learn more about your children's energetic makeup & natural personality patterns 

  • explore your relationship to pleasure, rest and receiving: the most common "mother blocks" that keep you from feeling seen and valued

All of this on top of the traditional benefits of energy healing and meditation...

  • restores the body and mind through deep rest and relaxation

  • soothes the nervous system and activates your ability to self-heal

  • promotes feelings of peace, calm & general well-being

  • improves attention, memory, and focus​

  • cultivates emotional intelligence and resilience

  • decreases anxiety and increases performance and energy levels

  • promotes patience and empathy, improving your ability to be present & connect with others

  • encourages more agile problem-solving as you learn to respond to life rather than react to it

  • enhanced creativity, more "aha" moments & a sense of greater possibility



3 months of Unlimited Family and 1-on-1 Support 

1 Family Foundation Meeting

Energy Healing Sessions & Space Clearings

Self-Study Homework & Self-Healing Practices


Two 75-min In-Home Healing Sessions each month

Unlimited 1-on-1 Support with Lauren between Sessions


One 45-min Distance Healing Session per person each month


One 30-minute Distance Healing Session per pet 


One In-Person Space Clearing + Blessing

In-Home Healing Sessions

To make your life easier, I will come to you for your sessions, mama! All I ask is that you create some quiet space for yourself to receive your session. It's totally fine for the kids to be home as long as there is another adult around to keep an eye on them and make sure your time is undisturbed. For most moms, it's easier for them to relax if the kids are out of the house, but it's totally up to you. 

I recommend setting aside 75 minutes for your sessions. This will give us time to talk about how things are going, what you need support with, how you want to feel after your session... then I'll guide you through a short meditation to help you rest as you receive your session. After your session, we will talk a bit about your experience and come up with some practical tools for integrating the healing into your daily life.


It is common to feel a sense of peace, calm, and connectedness and maybe some warmth or sweet physical sensations in the body when receiving Reiki. This is a perfect opportunity to let yourself be held, loved & deeply supported as you soothe and replenish your body, mind & Spirit.

Distance Healing Sessions

Most of the deep-diving will happen with mom, but these sessions for partners and children will serve as a rising tide for the whole family. It's common for partners to not be as knowledgeable about energy healing, meditation, etc. and to be less interested in diving into the inner work than mom. But maybe they could use some better sleep? Or some relief from the pressures of daily life?


With a distance healing session, there's no pressure to share or process their inner world with me. They get to rest at home while I offer their energetic system some restorative support from a distance. Same for children. There will be no deep-diving or processing with children, just pure and simple energetic support that nourishes them in whatever way they need.


If any family member wants to opt out of receiving distance healing, no worries! It's not required. And if someone in the family desires deeper support, we can discuss that together and come up with a way to get them the support they need.

Self-Study Homework

This is a simple but powerful part of your journey. One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves is to take a look at our personality, patterns and tendencies with curiosity and compassion rather than judgment and shame -- and the self-study allows you to do just that! Everyone's self-study homework will be a little different and tailored specifically to wherever you are in your relationship with yourself. Once you learn about yourself, you will be able to use these same resources to learn more about your partner and children so that you can better understand who they naturally are, and why they do some of the things they do. 

Self-Healing Practices

The foundational belief of my entire practice is that people don't need to be fixed or changed. They just need a safe space to unravel and more effective tools & supportive coping skills. So, in addition to holding safe space for you in healing sessions, you will also be collecting new tools and skills along the way. 

Over the course of this 3-month journey, you will be integrating simple, practical self-healing practices into your daily life that are nourishing, supportive and transformational. If you have a specific practice in mind already, like meditation or prayer, we will work together to find a way to gently (and sustainably!) incorporate that into your day, and I will also recommend practices based on your specific needs and desires as we go. 

I will be available to offer support and accountability as you use these practices to empower yourself; expand your experience of life and motherhood; and take your happiness, healing and nourishment into your own (very competent) hands.  

1-on-1 Support for Mom

You will have unlimited support between sessions to help you integrate your healing and also as a source of encouragement, clarity and strength when times get hard. If you're having a hard time interrupting that old pattern loop we're working with, text me. If you're triggered by your kids or partner or in-laws or whatever, text me. If you just need to vent or brain dump, text me. IF you don't know what you need, but know you need something, text me. If someone in the family is having a hard time and needs an extra session or support in some way, text me. Seriously, text me. I'm here for you and your whole family during our 3 months together. 

Family Foundation Meeting

We'll kick off our journey with an in-home meet & greet where we can start getting to know each other. We'll talk about what you want to get out of this journey and how I can best support your unique family. We will also plan a time to do the space clearing for the home and start scheduling sessions. Consider it our pre-journey family huddle. 

Space Clearing for the Home

Our homes hold a sort of energetic residue of the things we feel, express and experience in them. Ever walk into a room after someone's been fighting and feel the tension still hanging in the air? You're feeling the energy of that conflict and all the emotions that accompanied it. Space clearing with herbs such as Sage or burning sacred woods and resins like Palo Santo or Frankincense helps to clear away energetic "residue" and bring a breath of fresh air to the home. This is a helpful practice to use regularly for maintaining a more peaceful environment, and it is especially helpful to signal a new beginning - which is what you're stepping into when you enter Nourish: a new beginning for yourself and your family; a new chapter in your story, so to speak.

Personal Energy Clearings

Much like how unhelpful energy can hang out around the home, it can also hang out in our personal energy fields as well as around a situation - like a legal proceeding, the process of getting a new job, shifting a personal pattern, healing long-standing or especially complicated conflict, forgiving someone, wanting a raise, trouble sleeping, chronic pain, etc. Personal energy clearings are a great way to support a fresh perspective or clean slate with any issue. These will be done from a distance, as needed, for anyone in the family. 

Pet Healing Sessions

Why not give your pets a little extra love, too, while we're at it? Energy healing for pets is especially helpful if you're experiencing any behavioral issues or if they're feeling left out after bringing baby home, struggling with depression after a family split, or coping with injury, illness or old age. 


This journey is not for moms wanting to dip their toe or maybe try this out and see how it goes. Nourish is for the mothers who are firm in their desire for more... for themselves and for their families... and are committed to getting the support they need. For the women who've arrived at a place where they know that support isn't optional, but required. For the mamas who are ready to put down what isn't working and do the inner work; who believe anything is possible; even if they have no idea how that possibility unravels - they just know that it can and it will

If this is you, let's talk.