in love with

your body

A Transformational Date Night with Yourself, Your Life & Your Body

Create an authentically loving, empowered relationship with your body (right now, as it is) through Deep Listening, Self-Pleasure & Emotional Mindfulness.

This is an interactive 2-hour date night with yourself that can radically change the way you relate to your body, your life & even your personality.

I see you... chasing perfection...

(in all the ways - with your parenting, your body, your positivity, your work, etc.)

because, on some level, you feel ugly.

Physically or emotionally, you feel unworthy of the life & love you crave.

But it's bullshit, babe.

You don't need to achieve any sort of perfection before you can start feeling ALL the things you want to feel. 

Learning to actively love your body is THE place to start!

Having an intentional relationship with your body has a profound impact on your general sense of wellbeing, self-love, and satisfaction with your life.

Deep Listening, Self-Pleasure, & Emotional Mindfulness create an environment of patient, loving, compassionate empowerment that allows you to walk steadily through the world, instead of swinging abruptly between puffing up into forced confidence and shrinking into harsh self-criticism & doubt.

Falling madly in love with your body is the fastest, most effective & efficient path to a more grounded, harmonious life. 


So, come fall madly with us.


Yep, us.


I know being insecure about our bodies is how a lot of women relate to one another, but in this space... we don't play that way.


This is an environment where you get to be fully yourself - bright, messy, confident, insecure... whatever you are in that moment on that day.


It's a space where we not only understand but CELEBRATE what it is to be a dynamic, multi-faceted, glorious mess of a human in female form.


Where your emotions are welcome and loved - as they are.

Where your fears are held - not dismissed or glossed over.

Where your insecurities are honored - not bypassed with false confidence.


A space where you get to start understanding that all these things you feel about yourself... that you're struggling with (either because you judge them as not positive enough or because you want to just not feel that way anymore) ... get to see that these are the very things LEADING YOU HOME.


Not reasons that you're messed up, unworthy or doing it all wrong.


This is a space where your flaws don't need to be fixed... because you see them for what they really are: the breadcrumbs that you can follow home to your innate, natural, ease-y, authentic sense of deep deep worthiness.


The worthiness that you think you'll feel once you finally get the things exactly, perfectly right.


The worthiness that you think you'll feel once your relationship starts to click again like it used to.


The worthiness that you think you'll feel once you finally fix/change/heal that bad habit or old behavior pattern.


The deep worthiness you crave is already right here, within you... waiting for you to slow down, get quiet and remember.