Healing Sessions 

My whole approach to healing is based on my belief that there is nothing innately wrong with you and that you don't need me to fix you. You just need space to think, feel and process life's experiences + better tools for coping with stress, conflict and difficult times. That's what I intend to give you: non-judgmental, supportive space where you can unravel naturally and discover your own inner wisdom + new tools for navigating life and relationships with more ease, joy and connection. 

I love to work with mamas who are ready to turn their inner light (back) on... awaken and heal their hearts... access their authenticity, wisdom and confidence... feel more pleasure, passion and purpose... and connect more lovingly with their partner and children. 

Our time together is sacred: an hour and fifteen minutes dedicated solely to you, your healing journey and whatever it is that you need. All while you rest comfortably in your own space! I love distance healing sessions because it takes so many of our natural barriers to love and connection out of the equation. Any social editing you usually do isn't needed in this space because I'm just a voice in your headphones, which allows you to go deeper and feel safer in the process. It also allows me to do the same! I'm able to be more fully present with you and your energy because I'm not thinking about if the temperature of the room is right or if the music is too loud etc. These sessions create a space where you are welcomed and loved literally exactly as you are, where clean hair and pants are totally optional! 

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to start. Here's why:


It creates a sort of story, a well-rounded process, for your healing. It gives you a beginning, middle, and an end. While it's true that our healing is never truly "finished" there is still room for resolution or a sense of closure and integration with each layer. Having an arc of at least 3 sessions gives you a clearly-defined space to unravel and heal in, with support between sessions to help you integrate your healing into your day-to-day life... rather than opening a can of worms in a single session then sending you on your way to navigate it all on your own. 

How do you know when it's time to dive in and get some help from a healer?


Healing sessions can be most supportive if...

  • you feel stressed, anxious or burnt out and want to be more inspired, present & effective in your life.

  • you've read the books and done the mindset work but aren't seeing the results you desire - this means there's a deeper energetic component to the issue.

  • you feel disconnected from your partner and desire more intimacy, trust and joyful connection.

  • you experience womb-related wellness issues like difficult or irregular periods, postpartum anxiety/depression, a weak or problematic pelvic floor, hormone imbalances, infertility, etc. 

  • you're going through a major life change like pregnancy, divorce or care-taking an older parent.

The possibilities are truly endless. If you're a mom and you're struggling, chances are I can offer you some much-needed respite, insight and support. 


Feel free to reach out via e-mail with your questions to lauren@balancedrootsreiki.com or book your 3-session package with the link below to get started!