Awaken your Passionate Pleasure-Filled Life

IMAGINE... a wild new relationship with yourself full of



Imagine being lit up, turned on, and fully alive in your life. Imagine smiling with pleasure more often. Imagine doing things for pleasure, fun, enjoyment, play... Holy YES! 


YES to THAT. YES to the version of you that is FULLY ALIVE in her BODY. That tosses her head back in laughter and walks with more life in her hips and asks for what she wants... because she's not so tied up, restricted, and drained by the conditioning that's taught her to be small and quiet - to take up less space in the world. 

IMAGINE... The love you've been giving others, the permission you've been giving others, the warmth your feel for others... Imagine RECEIVING that for YOURSELF! 


It's not a tampon commercial or wild fantasy. It's available to you. It's all WAITING for you... RIGHT HERE in your BODY. 


Lean in close.

I want you to hear me when I say this...

Your pleasure is EVERYTHING. 


When you are in your pleasure, you light up the world.

You have more energy and desire to love your people.

You can stop over-thinking and start feeling and knowing.

You stop chasing and start receiving.

You become the safe space you desire.

You become a mother of yourself.

You become an example of wholeness and fullness for your family and the world.

So, how do we bring pleasure back to the body?

We start with RECONNECTING to and CREATING SAFETY in... the body. 


With this journey, you will be opening the door

for RAW, HONEST, LOVING communication

with your body... in a way that is so gentle, kind, and warm.

This journey won't just

bring you back to life.

It will stroke your cheek,

brush your hair behind your ear,

and sweetly kiss your forehead.

It will guide you back HOME to yourself.

I've been in my robe... drinking coffee.

Hi! I'm Lauren Venable... owner of Balanced Roots and your perfectly imperfect, fiery, whole-hearted guide on this journey. 

I'm going to be perfectly honest - I LOVE this picture.


I could've (my brain says "should've"...) used a more "professional" or put-together photo of myself for this... but that's NOT why we're here, right? We're here for honesty and the real, authentic beauty of our messy, glorious lives.


So, here I am - loving myself with abandon, claiming my enoughness in my robe, with my billionth cup of coffee, and loving my makeup-less face, my unruly (probably a bit dirty) lion's mane of hair, and my gigantic heart - because I want that for all of us! 

I never imagined I'd be able to say any of that about myself.


Four years ago, I was drowning in my life as a wife as stay-at-home-mom. I was lost and overwhelmed trying to figure out who to be and how to be her. I started studying energy in 2009, I was a yoga instructor with a BA in Psychology, and I had a sizable collection of self-help books that I'd bookmarked, dog-eared, and highlighted. What I'm saying is that I had the knowledge about how to create happiness. My husband was handsome and charismatic. He made good money. We lived in a beautiful home in a sweet little neighborhood, and we had a little boy & a pair of Boston Terriers to top it all off.


By all accounts, my life was pretty damn good. From the outside.


Inside, I was vacant.


I felt like a shell of who I used to be - the fiery, passionate, creative self I knew from childhood had returned to me in college, but I lost her again in marriage, motherhood, and "living the dream." I missed her. Everything about her. Her depth, her big heart, her sense of adventure, her expansive Soul, and her belief in wild possibility. It had all faded to a whisper... a quiet voice that kept calling me back to myself. She kept telling me what she wanted, what her dreams were, what she believed she could be feeling and experiencing. 

I ached at her whispers... because it felt like she was calling too late. I believed I had already lost myself, already failed at being a "better" version of myself - after all, I'd been trying and trying for years to be good enough and nothing had worked. Maybe in another life... it's all just a fantasy anyways. That's not the kind of life regular people like me get to live. 

I became a single mom not long after starting my healing journey. Our little boy was two, and I was a stay-at-home-mom. Before he was born, I was a stay-at-home-wife. I never had a career or even a serious job. I was looking at having to support myself emotionally and financially when I'd never done either of those. I had lost myself in trying to be the best mother and wife I could be. My life revolved around serving my people, and losing that life was a total shock to my system. I didn't know who I was outside of it. It had become my identity.


Lauren Venable, wife and mother. Period. 

God has a way of bringing us to our knees, shoving us off the cliffs of familiarity into the depths of transformation. This was that for me. I had to re-learn who I am. I had to re-dream about what I wanted my life to be. I had to remember that version of myself that felt the most alive. Then I got to come home to her.


What a gift... to become Lauren Venable: fiery, passionate, creative & big-hearted activist, healer, teacher, & sovereign of my own life.

I've had to learn how to stay true to my desires, honor my needs, and remain solid in my own knowing as I navigate life as a single mom and business owner. Both jobs have the potential to swallow you whole. I've had to learn how to stay true to myself when I felt pulled in half during my divorce this year. I've had to learn how to sit still in deep grief, pain and discomfort as well as in my pleasure. I've learned it's much easier for me to receive pain than pleasure. I was a lot better at holding my grieving self than my pleasure-filled self. I've had to learn how to stay present when I really want to run away or fix or shift myself to make others or outside situations more comfortable. I've become a more alive, wise, steady, passionate, inspired, deeply authentic version of myself through this work, and that's why i am offering you this Embody journey. 


In this program, you get to be the ever-evolving, all-encompassing, passionate, steady, whatever-you-want-to-be, absolute fucking miracle of a human being that you are! 


  • Seeing your naked body in the mirror brings up grief, disgust, shame, doubt... if you spend a lot of time trying to cover up your imperfections and struggle to embrace all of you.

  • You read inspirational books on positive thinking, mindset, manifesting, and how to create a life you love… and while part of you thinks "this makes sense. I like this. Yes!"... you then find yourself struggling to actually implement the information and bring it into your daily life.  

  • You are tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to things like -- improving your relationship, feeling better about your body, shifting the energy at your job… and trying to figure things out with your mind is starting to feel overwhelming.  You feel stressed and like you're nearly drowning as you move through your to-do list... feeling out of control as life spins around you.

  • You are struggling to make ends meet, money seems to leave as soon as it lands, and there never seems to be enough - time, money, energy.

  • You know you were made for more, even if the piece of you that knows you're enough is really small and buried down deep, you believe she's there. You've heard her whispers  before or remember her from your childhood.

  • You are struggling in your relationship or are single and desiring to be in a relationship. You're feeling disconnected and worried that you'll never be able to have the happy, passionate relationship you desire.

  • When things get uncomfortable you find yourself shifting to make others comfortable, wanting to flee, or trying to "fix" things. Imagine being able to stay present with yourself and others in these types of situations.

  • You are aching for true connection, love, and support. Often you feel unseen, unsupported, alone, and not good enough.

  • Your dreams feel far away, floaty, not real... like they're not something you can't *really* have/do/be/experience.


When you bond with your body & establish a safe, loving communication with her, you also...

→ Open the door to heal a lifetime of body shame & insecurity

→ Create a home inside of yourself which encourages a sense of safety & belonging no matter what's going on outside of you

→ Access your innate Wisdom, hidden talents/gifts, and true purpose/passion

→ Become more available to exchange with life: giving & receiving love and goodness with others in a more balanced way

→ Expand your capacity to be with energies, emotions, and people that feel uncomfortable so you can let go of your "social fight or flight" patterns


What are the benefits of this particular embodiment journey?

  • The support of a clear, intentional container to focus on you, your body, and your own healing

  • A sisterhood of women with similar "insides" - her shoes may look different, but you will be surprised how much her shoes FEEL like your shoes. We are all walking the same journey here. You are not alone in it. You are not more flawed than "her" 

  • You will leave with an entire toolbox of practices to continue your embodiment journey long after our time together

  • Deep Support: the group support calls will help you to access the deeper layers for healing & create more sustainable results. 

  • You will also be lead by a guide who is deep in her own embodiment journey, who’s doing the work alongside you and knows how to hold space for you, your depth, and magical transformation.



MODULE 1: Meeting Your Body

In this module, you will open the door for honest communication with your body. You will talk with her and make a commitment to show up for her. You will learn to speak with, to, and about her with more compassion and vulnerability. 

MODULE 2: Addicted to Disconnection

In this module, you'll get curious about the ways you avoid your body’s messages. You'll learn how fear causes you to flee, block, numb, distract, and/or check out of your body's experience. You will be starting and ending the day with connection & rewiring your patterns of avoidance.

MODULE 3: Honoring the Evolving Self

In this module, you'll learn to stay connected with yourself and be in your own experience as you interact with others. You will become more anchored in yourself and let go of the idea that you are supposed to be this same certain (perfect) person all the time. 


MODULE 4: Meeting the Sacred Feminine

In this module, you will connect with the holiness of the female body and learn to soothe & mother yourself. You will be introduced to the energy of your womb and her ability to be a source of deep comfort for you.





With every module, you will receive new embodiment practices and breath work exercises. These are simple practices that you will use daily to heal your connection with your body. They take very little time and your practical side will be so grateful for them. By the end of our time together, you will have a whole tool box full of techniques to continue healing beyond this journey.  


The materials for each module will be sent out via email at the start of each module. See schedule below. Each module includes a brief introduction video & a separate quick video for each embodiment practice. 


We will connect via Zoom (a video conferencing software) regularly throughout the journey. These calls will be recorded, so it's okay if you aren't able to attend the calls live. I do, however, recommend that you try to make it onto the call if you are really struggling. Plus, there is real magic in feeling that sisterhood of the other women on the journey with you. With that said, know that the replay will be there for you, too. It will be sent out via email within 24 hours, usually within an hour of so. See schedule below for call dates. On these calls, i will speak to the energy that is coming forward, answer questions, guide a group healing meditation, and provide 1:1 support for the women on the call live with me. Even if you are not the woman receiving support, you will likely recognize pieces of yourself in her experience. 


These calls will be similar to the standard support calls except they will focus on either opening or closing the space. In the opening ceremony, we will set intentions and activate the healing of the journey. The closing ceremonies will focus on integrating and receiving the healing from our time together as well as setting the tone for you as you step out of the space and continue on your healing path. 



This is a private Facebook group where you can receive support between calls. You can ask questions, connect with the other women, celebrate your wins, and share honestly & openly in a safe space. I highly recommend connecting in this space, even if it feels scary, because everyone on this journey is struggling to love themselves in the same way you are. It may show up differently, but know that you are all more alike than you are different. You are not on this journey alone. 


To register, make your payment with the link below. Please include your email address in the comment box. You will receive your welcome email and your invitation to join The Embody Sisterhood within 24 hours