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Awaken and embody the woman who has the life you desire - right now.

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Nervous System


Overcome self-sabotage & move past your unconscious blocks.

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Pleasure Reclamation

Feel it all to heal it all... and have a damn good time while you're at it!


stressed, exhausted & resentful...

wearing overwhelm like a badge of honor


bright, happy & relaxed

The choice is yours.


A SELF-MOTIVATED MOM ... meaning you've got some oomph & determination in you - even if you're exhausted all the time, you're doing A LOT and juggling many roles. Most of my clients tend to be self-employed mamas but maybe you're a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle trying to create time for your creative passions or you're traditionally employed & feeling the squeeze of work + motherhood - either way, you know you've got it in you to get some shit done! Now, just to figure out a way to be both productive AND calm! (I've got you on that, babe.)

DOING THE SELF-DEVELOPMENT WORK ... you listen to podcasts, drink up IG Inspo, read self-development, etc. Maybe you devour Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown or Mama Gena like they're ripe juicy fruit and you've just trekked across the desert (If so, hello! We are each other's people.) Maybe you do yoga and know a thing or two about eating clean... maybe you journal, meditate, and go to counseling. Maybe you've started on medications and it helps but...

BUT YOU FEEL LIKE THE RESULTS YOU'RE GETTING DON'T REALLY REFLECT HOW MUCH EFFORT YOU'RE PUTTING INTO TO... you're doing the work, you're putting in the effort in your relationship, you're careful not to rock the boat with family, you're working on yourself A LOT... but you just aren't getting the sustainable results you feel like you *should* be getting. 

By "not getting the sustainable results", I mean...

  • You're still self-critical & anxious despite your best efforts.

  • It takes a lot of work to be more positive.

  • You have an idea of how you want to live your life but you judge yourself for not being that way more often.

  • You're tired of the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting and you struggle to really love your body or feel proud & confident in it. 

  • You self-sabotage or procrastinate when it comes to following through with your goals or the things you know will make you feel good.

  • Money seems to fly out as soon as it comes in.

  • You're thrown off balance easily by your emotions, life events & other people’s moods/behavior.

  • You're craving a next-level experience of partnership, intimacy and sensuality in your relationship but you don't have the confidence to initiate it or to be too vulnerable with your partner, so y'all stay stuck in the rut of "good but not great" when you know y'all could have so much more happiness - together.

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A rich inner life leads to a rich outer life...

What if I told you there is a rich inner world full of sweetness and LIFE just waaaaiting for you. 

Literally DYING for your love, presence and attention. Drying up without the nourishment of your own affection. 

Inside you awaits a pot of gold... of WARM SWEET HONEY. 

It's the love you've been trying (unsuccessfully, no?) to give to everyone and everything for so long. 

It's the "thank you" you crave at the end of a long day. 

It's the hug you really need when you're flipping your shit. 

It's the "Hey, I see you." that you never knew you needed - but oh man did you need it! 


Its absence is most painfully obvious at the end of the day when you've got nothing left to give anyone - much less yourself, and definitely not for sex - and the guilt & shame of how you didn't live up to your own expectations weighs heavy on you... and then as you finally quiet down for bed (after forcing yourself to stop scrolling social media) ... all of the things left undone & the worries that you were too busy to think about finally have some quiet space to knock on your mental door. 

You're sick of it, but it does seem to be the norm. And you're already trying so hard... what more could you be trying? What else is there to do about it??



  • WATERING DEAD FLOWERS WILL NEVER MAKE FOR A LUSH, HEALTHY, VIBRANT GARDEN. Here's the deal... I see way too many women investing time, money & energy into the external appearances of life and their bodies but little to nothing on their internal experiences. You've gotta do more than water the blooms, babe. 

  • THE THINGS YOU "THINK" ARE THE PROBLEM... AREN'T THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. 95% of your brain activity (which leads to your behavior) is unconscious. This includes habits and patterns, automatic body function, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory. If you aren't working directly with your nervous system & primal brain in ways that allow you to access the unconscious roots of the issue... you're destined to spend your days fighting an unwinnable battle against unconscious blocks OR chasing your tail "fixing" stuff that's really just a symptom of the real issue. 

  • THE LIFE YOU WANT WILL COST YOU SOMETHING. ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY FOR IT? Time, money, energy... in my experience, it requires all three. It also will ask you to let go of old comforts, to have difficult conversations, to do things that don't make any damn sense to your friends/family & sometimes even to your own brain. Are you willing to do them anyways? I mean... at some point, you've gotta go all-in on this, babe. At some point, how you feel in your life has to start mattering. 

  • MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, THE SAFE BET DOESN'T CREATE ANY REAL SAFETY. You know by now that stressing, perfecting & trying really hard to get it right... making sure you're always doing the best, most right thing... doesn't ever actually make you (or your people) feel the way you hope it will: SAFE, LOVED, HAPPY. The logical way and the safe bets and the settling for second-best instead of the thing you actually really want... you know that's gotta stop right? IT'S NOT WORKING. Why are you so loyal to it?? 

  • THE BEST WAY TO LOVE YOUR PEOPLE IS BY LOVING YOURSELF. Seriously, the best thing you could do for your family is to devote yourself to your own fullness. When you're full, you're a natural lover and caretaker. You can serve from a place of satisfied wholeness, from overflowing... vs resentfully, stressfully trying to pour from your empty cup. A woman with a parched honey pot is usually not the most fun or loving version of herself... even when she's trying hard to be. Right? 

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So, you're ready to try something new...

and you're willing to go all-in on yourself to finally get sustainable results. 



Less Anxiety & More Confidence

A loving, supportive relationship with your body, your emotions & your personal “flaws”  

Deeper, more satisfying connection & intimacy with your partner 

Feel more playful, present & engaged with your children

Form true & lasting friendships that are based on shared values and forged in the fires of deep personal transformation 


1. You invest time, money and energy into YOURSELF.

2. You learn the Embodied Manifestation Method to become the woman who has the life you want - right now, in this life. This is quantum magic, babe. Get a taste of it for yourself here

3. You learn how to work with your nervous system to quit self-sabotaging and create healing change vs fighting against its unconscious blocks, patterns & protections.

4. You reclaim your body's sensitivity and awaken your own flavor of sensuality as you heal your blocks to love and pleasure. 

5. You learn emotional alchemy and cultivate emotional maturity & fluidity so that you are no longer at the mercy of your mood (or other people's moods!)

6. You do all of this in the safety of a supportive sisterhood with an experienced teacher and serious accountability.

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“Before Camp, I had high anxiety (easily triggered) and low self-confidence. I was in a constant state of stuckness, perfectionism, etc. My inner child needed healing and Lauren made space for her, nurtured her, and brought her back to life.


I got so much more than what I wanted, what I came for. I am forever changed and I owe my life to this woman. Just do it. Invest in yourself. It will pay you back in ways you never thought possible.


I no longer live in my head and my body is my guide now. I feel more clear and fully present, like I found my way home to my truest self. I feel like I’m a better parent, wife, and human... free to live up to my full potential.”


“Before Camp, I was struggling with lack of confidence, indecision, codependency, self defeat, and a lifeless marriage. The result I’m most excited about is my CONFIDENCE (!!) and realizing that I have everything I need to feel whole and peaceful while riding the ups and downs of life.


My emotions live in my body now, which gives me breathing room to process them without getting mentally overwhelmed. I have so much power inside me that I never knew existed!

The weight of my emotional wellbeing is no longer placed on my partner’s shoulders, but in my own hands. And in return, I’m receiving the intimacy and love that I always craved from him. I am now able to see his love completely untainted by my own idea of what I think it should look like.

Literally everything feels possible now!”



Hi there!

I'm Lauren Sabatier, your guide on the journey. 

Reiki Master, Embodiment Coach, Meditation Teacher & Single Mama

I've been on the self-healing journey since I was 19 (so about 12 years!). I was a dreamy kid with lots of magic inside me but not a lot of adults who understood that magic. After years of reparenting my inner little one, I've tapped back into that magic and now I get to hold loads of people in my bubble of hope and infinite possibility. (Seriously, my world is pretty dreamy - so, what are you dreaming up with me??)

I use a combination of meditation, embodiment work (a fancy word for tools & practices that take you deeper into your body instead of up into your mind or floating away in the ethereal woo!) and journaling to help women who've lost their spark to anxiety... come back to life! 

I've cultivated my own unique approach to healing & coaching by building on my many layers of education & experience. I'm a Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor with a BS in Psychology from LSU, studying under Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality...  but I'd say the thing that defines my work is my devotion to personal transformation. I know that I can't take you anywhere I'm not willing to take myself!


I've been working with healers, coaches and various mentors of my own consistently since 2015 and supporting clients since 2016. My own journey through postpartum depression, divorce, family fracture, dating, disordered eating & body image, and now entrepreneurship has informed my work tremendously

What I've learned from supporting hundreds of women is this: you are not broken.


You don't need to be fixed; you need to be loved and shown what else is possible.


You need to be asked good questions... questions that bring you home to your own wisdom... questions that get you thinking about the hard stuff.


You need someone to be honest with you in a way your friends & family just can't be.


You need someone to hold a firm edge for you when you're wobbly. You need someone to remind you that you know the way when you're feeling lost or confused.


You need someone who isn't going to interfere with your process, rather who will encourage you and celebrate you as you find your footing on your own. Because you CAN find your own footing, babe, and you DO know the way.


In short... you need someone who sees you, understands you, and BELIEVES IN YOU... who will be a stand for you and the transformation you desire. 

I see the dreamer in you... and I want hold a safe space for you to start giving her more power. I want to teach you how to do life in a radically new way... that leads to radically new SATISFACTION, EASE & JOY!


Re-sensitize, Love & Be Loved


The first month of the journey focuses on coming home to your body and emotions. I will offer you a safe, loving space to learn how to feel again - without getting swept away in trauma response (fight, light, freeze, fawn), old patterns, self-judgment, emotional chaos or story. 

Dandelion Leaves

Open, Clear, Recalibrate


Month Two will offer you an opportunity to expand your horizons and spread your wings as you re-code your entire reality & upgrade your inner blueprints of possibility. There's no magic quite like Month Two of Camp! 

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 Ground & Embody Fullness


Land in your new reality with confidence and a renewed sense of self - feeling more like you than ever before. Learn how to move pleasure through your body to support your healing and ground your sweetest, most delicious visions into reality. 


  • 3 months of guidance & support 

  • 9  90-minute Group Coaching Calls ($2700 Value)

  • 3  60-minute 1:1 Healing Sessions with Lauren ($900 Value)

  • 2  20-minute Office Hours Calls with Lauren ($300 Value)

  • A Library of Resources for Extra Support ($997 Value)

  • Daily Accountability Challenge ($300 Value)

  • Private Facebook Community ($300 Value)

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Climb in, babe.

It's gonna be magic.

Single Payment of


6 Payments of



When are the calls? What if I can’t make them live? 

We can discuss the call schedule on our Enrollment Call, but for now - know that absolutely everything is recorded for you to sit down and drop in at the most convenient time for you! You won't miss out on ANYTHING if you can't make it on live, so no worries, mama.  


Why do I need to apply?


Camp is an intimate group coaching experience with limited seats available, and it is a significant investment of both of our resources. Before we dive into the 3-month program together, I would like to be sure this is the right program for you and that I can fully support you in achieving your goals. If I don’t believe Camp would be the best journey for you at this time, I will let you know if any of my other programs might be a good fit or suggest other next steps for you on your healing journey. OR if you decide I am not the right fit for you, that is perfectly okay, too :) 


This IS a big investment. Can you tell me why it’s so much? 


Absolutely, I can! But first, I want you to pause and imagine living the life you've started to dream up just by reading my writing! 

Really, pause and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and really IMAGINE yourself in that life - the one where you're not a mess of stress & anxiety, where you can slow down and be present & playful with your people, where you feel confident & alive in your body, where you're breathing easier and enjoying deeper intimacy & relaxed connection with your partner... 

Now, two questions:


1. If just reading the sales page activates you in this way, what might 3 months in my space, doing the deep work... do for you?

2. What’s that life worth to you? 


Now imagine the alternatives…


You continue on your path towards total burnout & breakdown. You never really invest in yourself the way you need to to free yourself - and never get to experience the thrill of being that FREAKING VALUABLE...


Your relationship stays stuck & stagnant because you don't have the confidence to go all in on yourself... so no one else can ever really meet you the way you won't meet yourself...


You look back & feel regretful of the time you let slip by half-alive, chronically stressed.


You normalize dysfunction for your kids... Do you want your kids to feel how you feel? Have the experiences you’re having? Do you want them to grow up thinking that this is normal life & what they should just expect & accept?


Unless you heal your traumas, you will pass them onto your kids & nothing you SAY will trump what they SEE you DOING/ACCEPTING. You can’t support them in living the life they want if you never learned how to do it yourself.


How much does that actually cost? 


You’re not really “buying my program” … Yes, you’re paying me for my time, energy, experience & expertise in this field - but really, you’re investing in yourself. You’re committing to your higher vision. You’re making an exchange with the Universe and saying “Hey, I trust that I can have the life I want and need - for myself and my people - and I’m all in. I’m ready to do whatever it takes. Now, help me get there!”  


If you’ve made it this far down the webpage, you’re probably my people. But if you want to really be sure, you can experience my space-holding for yourself with this free masterclass. Let your body lead you into Camp or into whatever other next step is best for you.