5 Day Stress Challenge


Hack your nervous system to better manage your stress, feel okay no matter what's going on in your life, and cultivate more authentic confidence. 

Find Peace

Get to know what peace feels like in your body and how to access it any time you need it. 

Feel Good

Ignite your passion, creativity, sensuality & most authentic happiness as you open up and let good things in.


Empower yourself with knowledge, tools & new perspectives that allow you to better manage how you show up to your life & its challenges in each moment. 

Emotional Regulation

Learn how to regulate your nervous system so you aren't so easily hijacked by your overwhelming emotions or stress. 


Educational Workshops

Nervous System 101 is an eye-opener that will teach you all about how stress works in your life & body (and what to do about it).

The Intention-Setting & Resistance Workshop will guide you through setting up a strong foundation for a successful challenge!

Clear Daily Practices

You will be guided through the entire challenge on a special accountability app that you can download onto your phone.


Each day you will have a clear outline of simple tasks or practices to complete with built-in accountability features & reminders!

Resource Library

In addition to the workshops and daily tasks/practices, I've built you a virtual library of additional resources & supportive tools - totally optional! But there for you when you need or want em! 

Resources include meditations, playlists & recommended reading.

Cliffs and Ocean


It's time to learn the things things no one ever taught you about your body, stress & emotions.