Do you desire to …

  • End the on-going battle with your body so you can finally feel good about yourself?

  • Find a way to let go of stress and worry, so you can feel more relaxed and experience more joy in your day-to-day life?

  • Feel more confident in yourself so you feel capable of making decisions (whether it is where to eat, what to wear, or the next best steps towards your dreams).

  • Feel more connected to the people in your life so you can be happier & more at ease in your relationships.

... Then you are in the right place!

Let me guess...


You’ve read the books. You’ve done the yoga. You’ve tried the diets.

And for a while, it all clicks – you begin to think you have found what works!

Until it doesn’t.

You find yourself struggling to keep up and stick with it. You’re burned out & exhausted trying to balance it all (the kids, work, your relationship, self-care, and life). When you “should” be lifting weights or curling into an upward dog, you’re sitting on the couch in PJs drinking your 3rd cup of coffee ( at noon), wondering “where the heck did the morning go”.  Then you start thinking about the housework that needs to be done and you secretly wish you could just run away or disappear or maybe fake your own kidnapping Gone Girl-style.

I get it.  I have been there too.

I know what it feels like to wake up dreading your day… Wondering how you can get through yet another day of laundry and dishes and taking care of everyone but yourself. You feel like you’re living life on repeat. You’ve lived this day a hundred times and it’s become SO obvious that something’s missing.

You want to be able to breathe. You want to laugh. You want something in your life to light you up. You want to want to get out and do things with your girlfriends. You want to want your partner...


... but you’re just so damn tired all. the. time.


Date nights, hobbies, vacations - not only are they not fun anymore, but they leave you more drained than before! You go to sleep wondering how you can keep doing it all when you feel so unsupported and undervalued.

“Everyone around me seems to be doing it with so much ease… Why can’t I?”

I hear you. I see you. This used to be my mantra.

Guess what?  This is NOT what my life looks like anymore!  Deep down I always KNEW there had to be more and that I was made for more – to be more, to feel more, to love more, and to experience MORE.

There was always an inner whisper saying… “You are made for more.”  And a loud voice (cue Regina George) saying... “Who, you? Be more? Ha… Riiiight.”

I took the leap and listened to that whisper and that is how I found more LOVE for myself and my life.  Now I am on a mission to help women like you do the same.

Hi! I’m Lauren Venable, owner of Balanced Roots

energy healer, meditation lover, self care junkie, & mama


My journey through motherhood is what lead me to this work - and this work has helped me to fall back in love with my life! I’ve learned some incredibly valuable tools along the way and it is my Soul’s purpose to share them with women like you (and me!)

Do you ever hear that soft inner whisper?


What if I told you that quiet whisper is coming from the piece of you

that KNOWS you are more?


    It knows YOU can be more, feel more, love more, experience MORE!  


It can be your guide to FALLING IN LOVE with your life when you learn to listen to it.

Are you ready ?

I want to help you clear the loud noise (bye bye, Mean Girls) and hear this inner whisper

so you can connect back to yourself and YOUR needs.

That is why I created this course.

The tools you will learn in this class will allow you to ...


  • Enjoy more closeness & connection in your relationships.  You will know and value yourself (and also your partner!)


  • Show up more whole in your life so you can FULLY experience it! With more peace & happiness and less anxiety & overwhelm

  • Have more energy so you feel like you’re THRIVING instead of surviving your days (Bonus: You’re can be more present with the people who matter!)


  • Master your emotions so you can break through patterns of self-sabotagewhen it comes to diet, exercise, and self-care.

  • Become more skilled at shifting your thoughts & emotions… so you can clear blocks around not feeling your wrongness and start to feel like MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Over the course of these 6 weeks you will...


  • GET TO KNOW YOURSELF ON A DEEP LEVEL so you can finally let go of self-judgement and tap into your inner beauty, your reservoir of inner strength, and your enoughness.


  • LEARN ABOUT YOUR ENERGY & PATTERNS so you can finally clear out the loud noise (anxiety, worry, negative self-talk) and experience more balance, relaxation, peace, and ease in your life.


  • TUNE INTO YOUR NEEDS & CLAIM YOUR DESIRES so you can stop waiting for circumstances to change, take control of your life, and start manifesting things you desire.

  • LEARN TOOLS TO DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION (aka your inner whisper) so you can feel confident, capable, and have an inner compass with you at all times.

Are you ready to

come back home to yourself

and fall in love with your life?


  • 6 Video Lessons + Worksheets + Guided Meditations 

  • 4 Live 75-min Support Calls via Zoom where you can receive intuitive guidance, group healing, and support on your journey. We will vote on a time for the calls together + they will be recorded if you can't make it on live.

  • 75-min Deep Dive Energy Healing Session to receive deeply personalized support, healing, and guidance 

  • BONUS lesson + worksheet on Intention-Setting so that you can get the most out of your investment!

  • Access to a private Facebook community where you will have unlimited support from myself and other like-minded women as you go through this journey.


Bonus Lesson

Setting Intentions + Energy Balancing Meditation

Understanding Your Energy

Lesson 1 Energy Awareness

Lesson 2 Energy Patterns

Reframing Patterns

Lesson 3 Opening to Shift

Lesson 4 The Magic of Questions

Trusting Your Intuition

Lesson 5 Knowing Your Needs

Lesson 6 Claiming Your Desires


Your Investment: $325

Enrollment for Fall 2019 is currently open. The Course begins September 16th and seats will be limited to 7 participants. Registration closes September 13th or once all seats are filled. To register with PayPal, send your payment of $325 (via friends & family please) to or if you're local and would prefer to pay with a check, shoot me an email at: and we can arrange that. 

If you'd like to hop on a free call to feel out together if this is a good fit for you, then send me an email at: and I would be happy to answer any of your questions!


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