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What if your emotional chaos, insecurity & anxiety don't need to be fixed or solved?

Hi beauty! I know you think your emotions & your anxiety mean there's something wrong with you.


I hear it all the time.


"Why do I care so much about (insert thing that's making you feel like a crazy person)? It's so stupid. I know I should just (insert thing that podcast or Instagram post told you would help) and stop (insert thing you're doing to "sabotage" yourself). But I just can't. And it's so frustrating because I know better."

I created Alchemy for the woman who is stuck in the shame-inducing loop of constantly trying to fix herself, her relationships, her anxiety & her emotions.


Let's call her the spiritual perfectionist. ❤

Is this you? Do you relate to one or more of these things?

You're doing the work (listening to podcasts, reading self-development, curating an inspiring Instagram feed, going to yoga class, etc.) but still struggle with internal emotional chaos, anxiety, & creeping insecurity.


You don't understand why you can't translate the stuff you "know" from diving into the self-development world (& maybe even counseling) into actual sustainable shifts in your lived experience.

You feel ashamed about the ways you self-sabotage because you're trying so hard and you totally know better and you really truly do want to do/be better. 

You're trying your best to not be negative and just be happier & more grateful, but then you end up breaking down, melting down or lashing out. 

You start off strong with new projects (especially if those projects are things that will make you a better mother, lover, friend, etc.) You're inspired, motivated and really ready for a new experience... and you do really great at first. Then, you crash into burnout and feel embarrassed that you thought this time would be different. 

You feel like your emotions & anxiety are getting in the way. You think if you just didn't feel the way you feel or have the reactions you have, then you'd be able to live the way you really want to live. 

No matter how hard you try, you mostly see yourself - specifically your internal self that no one else really sees or understands - as the problem.

Your response to things not working out is to try even harder. You're stuck in a rabbit of hustling for approval & earning affection or love by "getting it right" and you desperately want out of it, but don't know how. 

You understand with your mind that you're good enough & worthy of love and good things, and you know there must be another way, but you just don't see it. 

You're used to doing things on your own and don't love the idea of needing support, but you know you can't go another single day feeling like this.


Are you a spiritual perfectionist? 

Good news! I know the way out of this rabbit hole!

How? Because I've been stuck in it, too. Even after years of doing this work.

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Hey beauty,

I'm Lauren Sabatier of Balanced Roots.

I'm a self-love + anxiety coach, a meditation junkie, a former yoga teacher, and a mama. 

I use a combination of energy healing, somatic (aka body-based) meditation, & traditional coaching to help stressed, anxious, tired mamas live genuinely ease-ier, happier lives!

I get to hold this kind of space for others because it's the kind of space I've learned to hold for myself.


My journey started with me trying to hide my postpartum depression/anxiety and just fix myself instead. I thought if I could hurry up and lose the baby weight or get this granola mama thing juuust right, then I'd stop feeling so anxious & overwhelmed all the time & things would get better. Or if I got sexier underwear & worked harder to be a better wife, then that stuff would get better, too. 

Well, it didn't. My husband left after a couple years of that - and I'd be lying if I said some part of me wasn't massively relieved by his departure. 

Learning to take the shit parts of life and turn them into fertilizer for a better, more aligned life is probably one of the greatest things I ever did - for myself and my people. 

It saved me not only during my very long divorce process, but also on the wild rollercoaster that is being a spiritual entrepreneur. 

My entire business was born from the wreckage of my "failed" marriage. That painful chaotic shit become fuel for the dream life I'm living today. 

I never planned on having a business, really. I just couldn't shut up about this new way of living that I was learning and here we are 5+ years later, with a full-blown business that inspires & elevates me every single day. 

But a couple years ago, I hit a wall in my healing journey. It seemed like "I should be happier & more relaxed by now, right? Why do I feel so anxious still? Why do I feel like there's still so much to fix

That's when I found embodiment work, which took my emotional composting work to the next level. I got to start using my tools to stop fixing myself!


Instead of constantly turning them against my imperfections, I turned them against the belief that I needed to be fixed... that my emotions or anxiety or humanness needed to be fixed. And I focused them on cultivating real, deep joy in all areas of my life. 

Choosing to wrap myself up in a bubble of deep, loving acceptance has allowed both myself & my business to bloom in ways I never imagined possible! Even after years of doing "the work". 

Now it's my passion to help other self-development perfectionists to climb out of the rabbit hole of endless fixing... and reclaim their right to peace, stability and serious joy! 

Now my anxiety & human feelings (like fear, self-doubt, insecurity, jealousy, anger, etc.) don't stop me from living the life I desire; they fuel it! 

I wanna teach you how that's done.

The Alchemy Masterclass

Step off the self-development roller coaster & start embracing your humanity for deeper, faster, more sustainable healing!