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Hey there! I'm Lauren Venable, the healer behind Balanced Roots. I'm a Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor with a BS in Psychology from LSU. I have been exploring energy and healing work since 2008 and practicing Reiki since 2015. In my practice, I use a combination of energy healing and somatic meditation to help individuals and families cope with anxiety, depression, burnout, parenting struggles, and the general stress & pressure of everyday life. 


I have been fascinated by people and their emotional depths since childhood. I was a dreamy child who was intimately connected with nature and music. I would wander around outside and make up songs about God and the sky. I felt most at home when the sun was kissing my face and the breeze was in my hair or when I was running my fingers through the silky powder-soft dirt beneath our giant oak. These were precious, sacred moments... little pockets of peace... in a childhood mostly colored by the chaos and trauma of  divorce. 

As many of us do, I lost that childhood self. When what I saw to be true (about people, emotions, life, the world, etc) didn't line up with what I was being taught about life, I believed I was wrong. I turned away from my natural instincts and forgot how to access both truth and peace. I developed an eating disorder very young, around 7 years old, and felt anxious and afraid most of the time. I was a great chameleon, though. I knew how to follow the rules and do the things well. I was in Student Government, made (mostly) all A's and couldn't be more polite. Adults and teachers loved me and by all accounts, I was a "successful" high school graduate moving on to LSU to become a Biological Engineer and successful adult. All the while, that successful exterior hid the pains of body dysmorphia, binge eating disorder, and extreme anxiety.

And one day it all became too much. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted, but I knew something needed to give. So, I took a semester off of school, had a little breakdown, discovered yoga, and made a massive course correction to get my Bachelor's degree in Psychology instead of Engineering. 

After school, I became a yoga instructor, a young wife and eventually a mother. Again, I lost what I'd recovered of myself in college. I continued to struggle with my eating disorder and anxiety (I'll note: I didn't know I had anxiety until my late 20's. I didn't know the chronic near-panic I experienced wasn't "normal"). Add in your typical relationship problems and postpartum depression and BAM. I eventually imploded and got the help I needed in 2015. 

My counselor was incredible. She helped me start working through my anxiety, eating disorder and codependency. I started to reconnect with that childhood self that knew how to find peace and connection, and I pursued Reiki training.


About 8 months into my journey, my husband left. We had reached our breaking point. Fortunately, I knew then that rupture happens for us not to us. I knew this could be the thing to break me down or break me open. I chose to be cracked open and remade by it. And that's what I've spent the last 4 years doing. Rebuilding. 

In this process, I've reclaimed my childhood gifts and abilities to not only access immense grace, love and peace... but to also hold these pockets of peace for others. It has become my passion and joy to support people struggling with (possibly a lifetime) of stress, worry or not-enough-ness. It is such a gift to see the relief flood their bodies and the joy return to their hearts as they reconnect with their truest, ease-iest, most authentic self... as they discover their light... and cultivate the courage and confidence to live a more fulfilling life. 

I never meant to be a healer. My plan was always just to be a mom. But God had other plans - bigger plans... for me to be a mother to more than just my own little one, but to anyone struggling with feeling unloved, not good enough or incapable... to anyone needing a place to lay their head and not worry for even just one hour... to anyone seeking relief from their own inner bully... to anyone who feels like they just don't fit (into their lives, their ideas of perfection, their pants...) and are tired of feeling bad about themselves... to anyone who's been betrayed or abused... to anyone feeling lost or left out or unwanted. 


If any of these sound like you, I'm here to hold space for your healing. I'm here to walk you home, dear one. And I am looking more forward than you can even imagine... to meeting you :) 

All my love,